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We offer one-time deep cleaning, as well as Weekly, Bi-weekly, and Monthly Cleaning Maintenance Programs. Rotational cleaning systems ensure that each specified area of the home is being cleaned to your satisfaction.   Since we don’t have contracts we allow you the freedom to select how often we come.  The 5SI team is thoroughly qualified and trained to help maintain your home to perfection. Integrity, efficiency, and thoroughness are our highest priorities! 

Special Offer

Get 5 man hours of maintenance/priority cleaning for $100.00 – we will mainly focus on Kitchen/bathrooms/floors and as time allows hit other areas

(whatever we can get done in 5 man hours)

Initial/Deep Cleaning – $25.00 per man hour

Power Cleaning services offered (request a quote) – Exterior Windows, Tile & Grout/carpet professionally cleaned,  inside oven, inside refrigerator,   Air/dryer vents, Garbage can cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

How many housekeepers do you send?

It depends on the job. Often we usually send one or two housekeepers for maintenance cleaning, but often for deep cleans there are three or more. 

Will I always have the same housekeeper?

We do our best to maintain consistency with our housekeepers. With that being said, it is best that several different housekeepers are familiar with your home in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. 

How flexible is your schedule if I want to change days, times?

We try as hard as we can to accommodate your schedule. Usually if given enough time, we will be able to switch times and dates for you with very little inconvenience.

How much lead time do you need to fill a request?

It really depends on the week and season. We are much busier before holidays, but we really try to have enough staff on hand to handle last minute requests. The more time you can give us, the easier it is to get you in on a certain day and time.

Should I do anything to prepare for your services?

As your housekeeping service, we try to concentrate our efforts on the weekly, monthly, and deep cleaning tasks. Which is why we ask our clients to try to maintain daily tasks such as: dishes, laundry, pick up and organization as much as possible before we arrive. This makes it possible to get done all the things on your list in the time allotted. If we know you will need help with daily tasks, we will allot time for those additional activities.

Is your housekeeping team pet friendly?

Our housekeepers are very aware that pets are a part of your daily life. We are willing to help you with your pets when we arrive at the home to ensure they will be best cared for during the time of our visit (ie, taking dogs outside, putting them in kennels, knowing their names, etc). We need instructions about any pet needs before the time of service. We do ask that you pick up and take care of any pet problems before we arrive as that is part of daily maintenance on your home.

Is it appropriate to tip my housekeeper?

Yes, cash tips are appreciated. If you would like to tip our housekeepers with a credit card, please contact our office staff.

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